Jetson’s Anniversary part 2

Phil sent me the second part of his story, but I completely forgot to post here. My apologies Phil!

So if you enjoied the first part (like me) you will also love this second part!


Jetson’s Anniversary Weekend – Chapter 2

Disclaimer: This story is based on characters and situations created and owned by Hanna-Barbera. No money is being made and no infringement is intended. Inspiration for this story came from artwork by Alex Hiro.

The next morning, George was awakened by Jane riding his morning erection. She was bouncing up and down on his shaft, eyes closed and moaning with pleasure. This was definitely something new. In the past, Jane had played with him while he was still sleeping, but never did she go this far. Then the memories from the previous night came flooding back – their anniversary night starting with the DP-3000 then his getting called back to work only to return to find his beautiful wife in bed with a Jovian. As he became fully awake, he saw the new robot standing at the foot of their bed, eerily staring at them. It was a bit creepy, but then again, it was only a robot and Jane didn’t seem to mind. George grabbed her hips and began to pound into her. He was going to enjoy this while it lasted.

For the rest of the day, his wife was insatiable. While he showered, she joined him and wanted anal sex. At breakfast, she wore only an apron and made him eat naked. She “accidentally” spilled some syrup on his lap then licked it off his penis, giving him another erection. She then had him take her on the kitchen table. Every chance she got, she would get him hard then they would do it wherever they were – bathroom, dining room, den, laundry room, closet, hallway. The DP-3000 was broken so George had no relief. By the time they had finished one more round in bed that night, he was exhausted and sore. They had never had so much sex in one day, not even on their honeymoon. George had no idea what had gotten into his wife.

When he woke up the next morning she was again on top of him. He screamed in pleasure and pain when he finally came inside of her, his testicles cramping as it squeezed out his last drop of semen. George had to get out of there before Jane killed him. As much as he loved sex, this was the first time he ever had too much. Just then, a computer voice announced, “Spaceball game with Elroy scheduled for 12 noon, Astros versus the Orbiters.”

“Goodness,” George said to his wife as his erection quickly deflated and slipped out of her, “I completely forgot about this baseball game. Sorry honey, but Elroy’s been so looking forward to this game.”

“It’s ok,” she replied. “I know how important this is to the both of you.”

“Yikes!” he exclaimed as he looked at the clock. “I gotta get out of here now to get him from your mother’s house if we’re to make the game. I’ll pick up Judy and Astro after the game.”

He dashed into the bathroom and hit the turbo button on the shower. Thirty seconds later, he was clean, groomed and dressed, the sliding walkway carrying him to the front door.

“I guess this is the end of our anniversary weekend,” Jane said with a look of disappointment.

“Well it was certainly one anniversary I’ll never forget,” he said as he kissed her as he walked out the door.

And with that, he was gone. Jane sat on the DP-3000 hoping that perhaps it might be working now. But as she pushed the buttons, nothing happened. Her experience with the Jovian Friday night had awakened a primal passion inside of her. Since then, she could not get enough sex. She was constantly thinking about it and with the DP-3000 out of commission, she only had George to satisfy that urge and now he was gone. The panel beeped once.

“Recall team notified and en route,” the computerized voice stated from the pad.

Jane looked up and saw the robot PROBER staring at her with his yellow eyes. The whole weekend, the robot had followed her around, helping her, assisting her, and constantly watching her. It seemed to be even more intently observing her the many times she and George had sex. She walked up to it and looked up at his face, remembering the large metal penis she had seen before. But how to access it? She knelt in front of the brawny robot and pressed along the lower torso.

“Pheromone levels elevated indicating need for sexual release,” the robot’s voice grated. “Deploying phallus.”

Spacely stared at the screen in his home office as the naked housewife caressed the robot’s metal penis. He had been glued to his computer all weekend, watching the object of his fantasies have sex with his most incompetent employee. But all George’s goof ups were worth the hours of video he had gotten over the past two days. The slender redhead was so sexually charged, she was actually sucking on his robot.

Before she could do much more, the doorbell rang. PROBER quickly went to answer the door while Jane put on a sheer robe. When she walked into the living room, she saw two Jovians standing outside. They were both very stocky and muscular from living on Jupiter, with dark brown skin, and small black eyes. One was bald, the other had short black hair.

“Recall team,” the bald one grumbled.

“For DP-3000,” added the other.

“Oh right,” Jane said. “It’s in here.”

Her heart beat wildly as she led them into her bedroom. Having one Jovian Friday night was amazing, but now, two brawny Jovians were alone with her. They entered her bedroom and as they closely checked over the DP-3000 she inspected them. The bald Jovian appeared slightly older, probably the leader. The one with hair was stockier with an impressive physique and chiseled muscles that his uniform could barely contain. She wondered if all Jovians were as sexually charged as the repairman that came Friday night. She was suddenly overwhelmed with the primal urge to rip off her gown and grind against the nearest Jovian.

“Please get this fixed as quickly as possible,” she pleaded her face flushing with desire. “I need it working.”

“Dual action device,” the bald Jovian noted as he looked over at Jane, his eyes roaming up and down her body barely hidden by the sheer gown. Her gown had opened in the front as she was walking exposing her cleavage down to her belly button. She had made no effort to close it. The flimsy gown hugged the curves of her breast, clearly outlining her erect nipples.

“We dual action team,” added the other as he too ogled her.

Jane could feel the warm tingling in her groin as she became even more aroused from the attention she was getting.

“How soon can you fix?” she croaked, her throat dry. “I need it quickly.”

“No need machine,” the bald Jovian stated as he approached her and stared down at the sexy housewife. He ran a finger down the side of her face and neck, then let it trail down between her breasts to release the sash around her waist. Jane shivered at his touch as her gown opened up further.

“We fix you,” stated the other who was now right behind her and pressed his growing member into her back.

Jane looked down and could see that the bald Jovian was also aroused, a huge bulge tenting his trousers. He held her tiny wrist in his hand and guided her hand onto the stiff bulge.

“Need this,” he grumbled as he pressed her hand onto the hard lump.

“Fix you,” his partner added as he grabbed her hips and pressed harder into her back.

The slender redhead was torn between her puritanical suburban morals and the lust provoked by the proximity of such masculinity. Before this weekend, she had never had such powerful urges – overall she was sexually satisfied in her married life though she enjoyed her share of fantasies. But after feeling a different man inside of her for the first time since getting married, something primal was awakened and she craved more. She attributed her indiscretion that night to having too much to drink and vowed not to let it happen again. The usually demure housewife thought that having more sex with her husband would satisfy that craving and though it helped some, it wasn’t enough.

She wavered, unsure what to do. Her fantasy of being the center of attention of two men was now close to becoming reality, though in her fantasies they were humans, not Jovians. Then it hit her. Having sex with Jovians technically wouldn’t be cheating because they weren’t humans! With her moral quandary resolved, she breathed a sigh of relief and began to caress the hard flesh through the clothing, feeling the outline of the Jovian’s huge penis.

The Jovian behind her slipped off her gown, then easily picked her up and dropped her on the bed. He quickly undressed and knelt in front of her. His erection stood out like a monolith of dark flesh – she was not disappointed. He was as large as the previous Jovian repairman. She reached out and lifted his manhood by the base. The bald Jovian got on the bed behind her and she felt something warm and heavy resting on her hip. When she turned to look, her eyes widened in alarm by the monstrous log of flesh that lay on her hip, jutting out from the bald Jovian. There was no way THAT was going to fit. She froze, unsure what to do.

George stood outside his bedroom door, staring in disbelief at the sight that greeted him. His prim and proper wife was laying on their bed wearing only lavender high heels with not one, but two Jovians towering over her. Their dark skin contrasted sharply against his wife’s fair complexion, but what was most inconceivable was the size of their huge erections. George had forgotten his camera and wanted to get pictures of Elroy at the spaceball park. After rushing back home and getting his camera out of the drawer in the living room, he had heard voices coming from their bedroom and peaked in. Now he watched in awe as his tiny wife used two hands to grab one huge Jovian penis and take it in her mouth. Realizing he had his camera, George quickly began to record. Elroy was going to have to wait.

After her initial shock, Jane was overcome with lust. The weight of the warm throbbing flesh in her hands mesmerized her and she worked her hands up and down the shaft as she sucked on the tip. As she felt his erection get harder with her efforts, she felt the bald Jovian explore her from behind, letting his thick sausage fingers run over the soft skin of her thighs, up her stomach to her breasts. Once the younger Jovian was fully erect, she was ready to face the largest penis she had ever seen. She turned and knelt in front of the bald Jovian, staring at the colossal pillar of engorged muscle. Even with both hands, she could not completely encircle the rigid shaft. The slender redhead gamely tried to get the fist sized head into her mouth, finally drawing in most of it.

Meanwhile, the younger Jovian knelt on the ground behind her and Jane felt him rub his rough hands over her smooth bare bottom. She jumped slightly as his tongue ran up and down her already lubricated slit. He spread her cheeks and probed deeper with his tongue stimulating her clitoris. The Jovian expertly used his tongue and soon she was moaning with pleasure as she felt the familiar stirrings of pressure build in her loins. She was already so excited and aroused by having these two Jovians attending to her that it didn’t take long for to have her first orgasm. She cried out as she felt the waves of pleasure rip through her body.
As she came down from her high, she felt him position himself behind her then press his steely rod against her most intimate opening. The slender red head was so lubricated and aroused that despite his size, he was able to slide into her with minimal resistance. She groaned as she enjoyed the feeling of him entering her, stretching her with his flesh for the first time. He grabbed her hips and slowly pushed in and out, going deeper and deeper with each thrust. Soon he was plunging into her, stimulating her G-spot with each thrust.

Jane’s mouth ached from sucking the entire head of the larger Jovian so she began to suck just at the tip, tasting the slightly salty fluid that was slowly oozing out. She continued to use both hands to rub up and down the meaty shaft while he reached down and roughly fondled her breasts with his calloused hands. He pinched her nipples between his stubby fingers, sending electrical jolts down her body which added to the pleasurable pressure that was again building inside of her body as the Jovian behind her continued to pound in and out of her.

She turned to look back at the Jovian and noticed PROBER standing nearby, leaning forward, staring intently at her. The robot seemed so unusually interested in her body that she felt like she was performing for an audience. This awakened a dormant exhibitionist desire that the modest housewife had long suppressed making her even more aroused. The pulsing sensations from the rhythmic intrusion of alien flesh into her body combined with the jolts of pleasure from her manhandled nipples sent her over the edge again as she had another orgasm.

Cosmo was in heaven watching as the beautiful redhead had orgasm after orgasm from the ministrations of the two massively hung Jovians. While she was still impaled on the younger Jovian’s rod, he rotated her around his penis so that she was suspended midair on her back as he held her by her hips, her legs wrapped around his waist. She held onto the bald Jovian’s penis like a branch on a tree as the younger Jovian thrust into her. After one particularly intense orgasm, the younger Jovian who had been doing all the work, pulled out and moved in front of the dazed housewife as she lay sprawled on her back. As she took the fleshy helmet slippery with her juices into her mouth, the bald Jovian then positioned himself between her legs.

Jane felt the tip of the mammoth organ probing her, stretching her open as the bald Jovian pressed forward jolting her out of her daze. There was no way that monster was going to fit. She tried to push him away but his hands were locked on her hips as he inexorably pushed into her. Her protests were muffled by the other Jovian penis stuffed into her mouth, her head pinned by his hand. She thrashed about, trying to get away from the invading organ, afraid that he was going to tear her in two.

But the bald Jovian was surprisingly gentle, taking her slowly, giving her time to accommodate his huge girth. The younger Jovian had gotten Jane so aroused and lubricated with his already very sizable organ that sooner than she expected, his partner’s huge knob was inside of her stretching her to the limit. Never in her wildest imagination did she think that she would be able to take such a large erection. It was somewhat uncomfortable at first, but as she became accustomed to the hard flesh filling her, she began to feel a pleasurable fullness that she had never before experienced.

After giving her a chance to relax, the lithe redhead felt him press forward again, pause, press forward, slowly penetrating deeper and deeper into her most intimate space until he had completely filled her. Jane lifted her head and looked down, marveling at the sight of the huge organ disappearing inside of her. He was too big to go all the way in – only about half of his penis would fit inside but it felt amazing. He then leisurely pulled back, then pushed forward, a slow thrusting rhythm as she adjusted to his size.
Jane threw her head back as the incredible sensations swirled around her pelvis. The lips of her vagina were tightly wrapped around the thick shaft and every time he moved, her labia would tug on her clitoral hood sending electrical shocks up her spine. The constant stimulation of her G-spot by the massive glans made her swoon with the most exquisite sensual pressure. The other Jovian pushed his penis back into her mouth, holding her head with one hand while he roughly caressed her breast in the other.
Jane closed her eyes so that she could concentrate on all the sensations coming from her body. The pungent taste of the Jovian pre-cum leaking into her mouth, his callused hand rubbing against the silky skin of her breast while pinching her nipple. The larger Jovian gripping her soft hips in both of his course hands as he held her down so that he could better thrust in and out of her. The once demur housewife was in heaven. She relished the feeling of her body being manhandled by these two hyper-masculine Jovians. Jane couldn’t get enough of them – she wanted to have as much of their flesh inside of her.
The stimulation from the huge penis thrusting inside of her and their rough hands groping her body, her breasts, her nipples, quickly pushed her to the edge and she thrashed and moaned around the flesh in her mouth as she had another orgasm. Then another. And another. The two Jovians were merciless, continuing to thrust into her from both ends. The waves of pleasure surged through her body, pounding against her mind until she was exhausted and numb with rapturous delight. The petite redhead was suspended in time between two penises, lost in a sea of lust.
Jane lost count of her orgasms, lost all track of time as her body was ravaged by the Jovians. Then the orgasms began to hit one right after the other so that each orgasm built on the previous one, causing the pleasure to become more and more intense. Jane didn’t know how much more her body could take. The Jovians’ thrusts became more forceful and urgent driving Jane into the throes of the most excruciatingly wondrous orgasm. Her body convulsed violently as she was wracked with pleasure as the bald Jovian thrust deeper and harder and exploded inside of her. Jets of hot semen filled her as his penis pulsed in unison with the pleasurable contractions of her orgasm. The other Jovian erupted inside her mouth, forcing her to swallow what felt like gallons of semen. She couldn’t handle the volume and pulled her mouth away. Semen continued to spurt out in thick ropes of white, landing on her face and chest.
Jane lay on the bed in a post-orgasmic stupor covered in semen as the Jovians dressed and carted the DP-3000 away. She didn’t hear George sneak out of the house after her final orgasm. She was unaware of PROBER’s odd behavior as it moved around her, fixing his gaze on her sperm covered face and breasts, the semen leaking down between her thighs, the red marks on her ivory skin left by the Jovians during their marathon session. And she certainly didn’t suspect that Mr. Spacely was sitting in his office, scheming while he observed her through PROBER’s eyes. Jane lay in a daze, never imagining that her anniversary weekend would end this way.


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