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All characters appearing in this artwork are fictitious…part 2

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All characters appearing in this artwork are fictitious…


… or maybe not! Even you never know the truth behind this drawing you can’t denied that’s very exciting as also he story was send to me. Enjoy!

“As another long day at Chelseys accounting office was almost over, A strong looking man walked through the front door. He reached out to shake her hand and introduced himself as Popeye, the owner of a local business. With a handful of paper work from his spinach business, he explained that he needed his year end taxes figured out. Chelsey asked a few questions as to what he was looking to do with it, and if he had write offs so he would see money back? Popeye said he had a few big expenditures and everything she needed was in the paper work he handed her..
The better part of an hour and came and went with the conversation about tax preparation. Popeye exclaimed that he was impressed with how Chelsey was going to deal with his taxes and thanked her very much. She welcomed him very much and shook his hand as he was getting ready to walk out the door..
Popeye left and Chelsey sat back down at her desk to finish her work for the day. As she was filing work she couldn’t help to think that he was a super nice, polite and a handsome man. Thinking to herself that he could be a lot of fun mess around with and wondering how good he would feel inside her. Chelsey was getting a little hot between her legs with the thought..
With all of her dirty thoughts racing through her mind, she sees the door start to open. Chelsey focuses her eyes in on who was walking through the door. To her surprise, it is Popeye coming back in. He looks at her confidently and says he has to tell her something else. Chelsey says, you can tell me anything. Popeye takes a deep breath and proceeds to explain that he finds her very attractive and that he is glad that he came in to her office..
Stepping around her desk, Chelsey doesn’t say a word. Instead she walks up to popeye and grabs a handful of his large dick. He gasps and says (WOW), replying she says, I want you to sit in my chair so I can ride your big dick. He didn’t hesitate a bit, almost running to the chair. Sitting down, his dick salutes her as she makes her way to him stripping off every ounce of clothing she had on.
Making it over to him, Chelsey leans over, kisses him on the dick then turns around and sits right down on his big hard dick. They fucked each other with all the lust and desire they had stored up…”

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Preg Tinker Bell

This one I did a couple years ago and now I get the permission to show here. Thanks my friend!

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A different one

My friend Fred asked me to show his caricature I did some time ago. it’s here! 🙂

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