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All characters appearing in this artwork are fictitious…


… or maybe not! Even you never know the truth behind this drawing you can’t denied that’s very exciting as also he story was send to me. Enjoy!

“As another long day at Chelseys accounting office was almost over, A strong looking man walked through the front door. He reached out to shake her hand and introduced himself as Popeye, the owner of a local business. With a handful of paper work from his spinach business, he explained that he needed his year end taxes figured out. Chelsey asked a few questions as to what he was looking to do with it, and if he had write offs so he would see money back? Popeye said he had a few big expenditures and everything she needed was in the paper work he handed her..
The better part of an hour and came and went with the conversation about tax preparation. Popeye exclaimed that he was impressed with how Chelsey was going to deal with his taxes and thanked her very much. She welcomed him very much and shook his hand as he was getting ready to walk out the door..
Popeye left and Chelsey sat back down at her desk to finish her work for the day. As she was filing work she couldn’t help to think that he was a super nice, polite and a handsome man. Thinking to herself that he could be a lot of fun mess around with and wondering how good he would feel inside her. Chelsey was getting a little hot between her legs with the thought..
With all of her dirty thoughts racing through her mind, she sees the door start to open. Chelsey focuses her eyes in on who was walking through the door. To her surprise, it is Popeye coming back in. He looks at her confidently and says he has to tell her something else. Chelsey says, you can tell me anything. Popeye takes a deep breath and proceeds to explain that he finds her very attractive and that he is glad that he came in to her office..
Stepping around her desk, Chelsey doesn’t say a word. Instead she walks up to popeye and grabs a handful of his large dick. He gasps and says (WOW), replying she says, I want you to sit in my chair so I can ride your big dick. He didn’t hesitate a bit, almost running to the chair. Sitting down, his dick salutes her as she makes her way to him stripping off every ounce of clothing she had on.
Making it over to him, Chelsey leans over, kisses him on the dick then turns around and sits right down on his big hard dick. They fucked each other with all the lust and desire they had stored up…”

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Jetson’s Anniversary part 2

Phil sent me the second part of his story, but I completely forgot to post here. My apologies Phil!

So if you enjoied the first part (like me) you will also love this second part!


Jetson’s Anniversary Weekend – Chapter 2

Disclaimer: This story is based on characters and situations created and owned by Hanna-Barbera. No money is being made and no infringement is intended. Inspiration for this story came from artwork by Alex Hiro.

The next morning, George was awakened by Jane riding his morning erection. She was bouncing up and down on his shaft, eyes closed and moaning with pleasure. This was definitely something new. In the past, Jane had played with him while he was still sleeping, but never did she go this far. Then the memories from the previous night came flooding back – their anniversary night starting with the DP-3000 then his getting called back to work only to return to find his beautiful wife in bed with a Jovian. As he became fully awake, he saw the new robot standing at the foot of their bed, eerily staring at them. It was a bit creepy, but then again, it was only a robot and Jane didn’t seem to mind. George grabbed her hips and began to pound into her. He was going to enjoy this while it lasted.

For the rest of the day, his wife was insatiable. While he showered, she joined him and wanted anal sex. At breakfast, she wore only an apron and made him eat naked. She “accidentally” spilled some syrup on his lap then licked it off his penis, giving him another erection. She then had him take her on the kitchen table. Every chance she got, she would get him hard then they would do it wherever they were – bathroom, dining room, den, laundry room, closet, hallway. The DP-3000 was broken so George had no relief. By the time they had finished one more round in bed that night, he was exhausted and sore. They had never had so much sex in one day, not even on their honeymoon. George had no idea what had gotten into his wife.

When he woke up the next morning she was again on top of him. He screamed in pleasure and pain when he finally came inside of her, his testicles cramping as it squeezed out his last drop of semen. George had to get out of there before Jane killed him. As much as he loved sex, this was the first time he ever had too much. Just then, a computer voice announced, “Spaceball game with Elroy scheduled for 12 noon, Astros versus the Orbiters.”

“Goodness,” George said to his wife as his erection quickly deflated and slipped out of her, “I completely forgot about this baseball game. Sorry honey, but Elroy’s been so looking forward to this game.”

“It’s ok,” she replied. “I know how important this is to the both of you.”

“Yikes!” he exclaimed as he looked at the clock. “I gotta get out of here now to get him from your mother’s house if we’re to make the game. I’ll pick up Judy and Astro after the game.”

He dashed into the bathroom and hit the turbo button on the shower. Thirty seconds later, he was clean, groomed and dressed, the sliding walkway carrying him to the front door.

“I guess this is the end of our anniversary weekend,” Jane said with a look of disappointment.

“Well it was certainly one anniversary I’ll never forget,” he said as he kissed her as he walked out the door.

And with that, he was gone. Jane sat on the DP-3000 hoping that perhaps it might be working now. But as she pushed the buttons, nothing happened. Her experience with the Jovian Friday night had awakened a primal passion inside of her. Since then, she could not get enough sex. She was constantly thinking about it and with the DP-3000 out of commission, she only had George to satisfy that urge and now he was gone. The panel beeped once.

“Recall team notified and en route,” the computerized voice stated from the pad.

Jane looked up and saw the robot PROBER staring at her with his yellow eyes. The whole weekend, the robot had followed her around, helping her, assisting her, and constantly watching her. It seemed to be even more intently observing her the many times she and George had sex. She walked up to it and looked up at his face, remembering the large metal penis she had seen before. But how to access it? She knelt in front of the brawny robot and pressed along the lower torso.

“Pheromone levels elevated indicating need for sexual release,” the robot’s voice grated. “Deploying phallus.”

Spacely stared at the screen in his home office as the naked housewife caressed the robot’s metal penis. He had been glued to his computer all weekend, watching the object of his fantasies have sex with his most incompetent employee. But all George’s goof ups were worth the hours of video he had gotten over the past two days. The slender redhead was so sexually charged, she was actually sucking on his robot.

Before she could do much more, the doorbell rang. PROBER quickly went to answer the door while Jane put on a sheer robe. When she walked into the living room, she saw two Jovians standing outside. They were both very stocky and muscular from living on Jupiter, with dark brown skin, and small black eyes. One was bald, the other had short black hair.

“Recall team,” the bald one grumbled.

“For DP-3000,” added the other.

“Oh right,” Jane said. “It’s in here.”

Her heart beat wildly as she led them into her bedroom. Having one Jovian Friday night was amazing, but now, two brawny Jovians were alone with her. They entered her bedroom and as they closely checked over the DP-3000 she inspected them. The bald Jovian appeared slightly older, probably the leader. The one with hair was stockier with an impressive physique and chiseled muscles that his uniform could barely contain. She wondered if all Jovians were as sexually charged as the repairman that came Friday night. She was suddenly overwhelmed with the primal urge to rip off her gown and grind against the nearest Jovian.

“Please get this fixed as quickly as possible,” she pleaded her face flushing with desire. “I need it working.”

“Dual action device,” the bald Jovian noted as he looked over at Jane, his eyes roaming up and down her body barely hidden by the sheer gown. Her gown had opened in the front as she was walking exposing her cleavage down to her belly button. She had made no effort to close it. The flimsy gown hugged the curves of her breast, clearly outlining her erect nipples.

“We dual action team,” added the other as he too ogled her.

Jane could feel the warm tingling in her groin as she became even more aroused from the attention she was getting.

“How soon can you fix?” she croaked, her throat dry. “I need it quickly.”

“No need machine,” the bald Jovian stated as he approached her and stared down at the sexy housewife. He ran a finger down the side of her face and neck, then let it trail down between her breasts to release the sash around her waist. Jane shivered at his touch as her gown opened up further.

“We fix you,” stated the other who was now right behind her and pressed his growing member into her back.

Jane looked down and could see that the bald Jovian was also aroused, a huge bulge tenting his trousers. He held her tiny wrist in his hand and guided her hand onto the stiff bulge.

“Need this,” he grumbled as he pressed her hand onto the hard lump.

“Fix you,” his partner added as he grabbed her hips and pressed harder into her back.

The slender redhead was torn between her puritanical suburban morals and the lust provoked by the proximity of such masculinity. Before this weekend, she had never had such powerful urges – overall she was sexually satisfied in her married life though she enjoyed her share of fantasies. But after feeling a different man inside of her for the first time since getting married, something primal was awakened and she craved more. She attributed her indiscretion that night to having too much to drink and vowed not to let it happen again. The usually demure housewife thought that having more sex with her husband would satisfy that craving and though it helped some, it wasn’t enough.

She wavered, unsure what to do. Her fantasy of being the center of attention of two men was now close to becoming reality, though in her fantasies they were humans, not Jovians. Then it hit her. Having sex with Jovians technically wouldn’t be cheating because they weren’t humans! With her moral quandary resolved, she breathed a sigh of relief and began to caress the hard flesh through the clothing, feeling the outline of the Jovian’s huge penis.

The Jovian behind her slipped off her gown, then easily picked her up and dropped her on the bed. He quickly undressed and knelt in front of her. His erection stood out like a monolith of dark flesh – she was not disappointed. He was as large as the previous Jovian repairman. She reached out and lifted his manhood by the base. The bald Jovian got on the bed behind her and she felt something warm and heavy resting on her hip. When she turned to look, her eyes widened in alarm by the monstrous log of flesh that lay on her hip, jutting out from the bald Jovian. There was no way THAT was going to fit. She froze, unsure what to do.

George stood outside his bedroom door, staring in disbelief at the sight that greeted him. His prim and proper wife was laying on their bed wearing only lavender high heels with not one, but two Jovians towering over her. Their dark skin contrasted sharply against his wife’s fair complexion, but what was most inconceivable was the size of their huge erections. George had forgotten his camera and wanted to get pictures of Elroy at the spaceball park. After rushing back home and getting his camera out of the drawer in the living room, he had heard voices coming from their bedroom and peaked in. Now he watched in awe as his tiny wife used two hands to grab one huge Jovian penis and take it in her mouth. Realizing he had his camera, George quickly began to record. Elroy was going to have to wait.

After her initial shock, Jane was overcome with lust. The weight of the warm throbbing flesh in her hands mesmerized her and she worked her hands up and down the shaft as she sucked on the tip. As she felt his erection get harder with her efforts, she felt the bald Jovian explore her from behind, letting his thick sausage fingers run over the soft skin of her thighs, up her stomach to her breasts. Once the younger Jovian was fully erect, she was ready to face the largest penis she had ever seen. She turned and knelt in front of the bald Jovian, staring at the colossal pillar of engorged muscle. Even with both hands, she could not completely encircle the rigid shaft. The slender redhead gamely tried to get the fist sized head into her mouth, finally drawing in most of it.

Meanwhile, the younger Jovian knelt on the ground behind her and Jane felt him rub his rough hands over her smooth bare bottom. She jumped slightly as his tongue ran up and down her already lubricated slit. He spread her cheeks and probed deeper with his tongue stimulating her clitoris. The Jovian expertly used his tongue and soon she was moaning with pleasure as she felt the familiar stirrings of pressure build in her loins. She was already so excited and aroused by having these two Jovians attending to her that it didn’t take long for to have her first orgasm. She cried out as she felt the waves of pleasure rip through her body.
As she came down from her high, she felt him position himself behind her then press his steely rod against her most intimate opening. The slender red head was so lubricated and aroused that despite his size, he was able to slide into her with minimal resistance. She groaned as she enjoyed the feeling of him entering her, stretching her with his flesh for the first time. He grabbed her hips and slowly pushed in and out, going deeper and deeper with each thrust. Soon he was plunging into her, stimulating her G-spot with each thrust.

Jane’s mouth ached from sucking the entire head of the larger Jovian so she began to suck just at the tip, tasting the slightly salty fluid that was slowly oozing out. She continued to use both hands to rub up and down the meaty shaft while he reached down and roughly fondled her breasts with his calloused hands. He pinched her nipples between his stubby fingers, sending electrical jolts down her body which added to the pleasurable pressure that was again building inside of her body as the Jovian behind her continued to pound in and out of her.

She turned to look back at the Jovian and noticed PROBER standing nearby, leaning forward, staring intently at her. The robot seemed so unusually interested in her body that she felt like she was performing for an audience. This awakened a dormant exhibitionist desire that the modest housewife had long suppressed making her even more aroused. The pulsing sensations from the rhythmic intrusion of alien flesh into her body combined with the jolts of pleasure from her manhandled nipples sent her over the edge again as she had another orgasm.

Cosmo was in heaven watching as the beautiful redhead had orgasm after orgasm from the ministrations of the two massively hung Jovians. While she was still impaled on the younger Jovian’s rod, he rotated her around his penis so that she was suspended midair on her back as he held her by her hips, her legs wrapped around his waist. She held onto the bald Jovian’s penis like a branch on a tree as the younger Jovian thrust into her. After one particularly intense orgasm, the younger Jovian who had been doing all the work, pulled out and moved in front of the dazed housewife as she lay sprawled on her back. As she took the fleshy helmet slippery with her juices into her mouth, the bald Jovian then positioned himself between her legs.

Jane felt the tip of the mammoth organ probing her, stretching her open as the bald Jovian pressed forward jolting her out of her daze. There was no way that monster was going to fit. She tried to push him away but his hands were locked on her hips as he inexorably pushed into her. Her protests were muffled by the other Jovian penis stuffed into her mouth, her head pinned by his hand. She thrashed about, trying to get away from the invading organ, afraid that he was going to tear her in two.

But the bald Jovian was surprisingly gentle, taking her slowly, giving her time to accommodate his huge girth. The younger Jovian had gotten Jane so aroused and lubricated with his already very sizable organ that sooner than she expected, his partner’s huge knob was inside of her stretching her to the limit. Never in her wildest imagination did she think that she would be able to take such a large erection. It was somewhat uncomfortable at first, but as she became accustomed to the hard flesh filling her, she began to feel a pleasurable fullness that she had never before experienced.

After giving her a chance to relax, the lithe redhead felt him press forward again, pause, press forward, slowly penetrating deeper and deeper into her most intimate space until he had completely filled her. Jane lifted her head and looked down, marveling at the sight of the huge organ disappearing inside of her. He was too big to go all the way in – only about half of his penis would fit inside but it felt amazing. He then leisurely pulled back, then pushed forward, a slow thrusting rhythm as she adjusted to his size.
Jane threw her head back as the incredible sensations swirled around her pelvis. The lips of her vagina were tightly wrapped around the thick shaft and every time he moved, her labia would tug on her clitoral hood sending electrical shocks up her spine. The constant stimulation of her G-spot by the massive glans made her swoon with the most exquisite sensual pressure. The other Jovian pushed his penis back into her mouth, holding her head with one hand while he roughly caressed her breast in the other.
Jane closed her eyes so that she could concentrate on all the sensations coming from her body. The pungent taste of the Jovian pre-cum leaking into her mouth, his callused hand rubbing against the silky skin of her breast while pinching her nipple. The larger Jovian gripping her soft hips in both of his course hands as he held her down so that he could better thrust in and out of her. The once demur housewife was in heaven. She relished the feeling of her body being manhandled by these two hyper-masculine Jovians. Jane couldn’t get enough of them – she wanted to have as much of their flesh inside of her.
The stimulation from the huge penis thrusting inside of her and their rough hands groping her body, her breasts, her nipples, quickly pushed her to the edge and she thrashed and moaned around the flesh in her mouth as she had another orgasm. Then another. And another. The two Jovians were merciless, continuing to thrust into her from both ends. The waves of pleasure surged through her body, pounding against her mind until she was exhausted and numb with rapturous delight. The petite redhead was suspended in time between two penises, lost in a sea of lust.
Jane lost count of her orgasms, lost all track of time as her body was ravaged by the Jovians. Then the orgasms began to hit one right after the other so that each orgasm built on the previous one, causing the pleasure to become more and more intense. Jane didn’t know how much more her body could take. The Jovians’ thrusts became more forceful and urgent driving Jane into the throes of the most excruciatingly wondrous orgasm. Her body convulsed violently as she was wracked with pleasure as the bald Jovian thrust deeper and harder and exploded inside of her. Jets of hot semen filled her as his penis pulsed in unison with the pleasurable contractions of her orgasm. The other Jovian erupted inside her mouth, forcing her to swallow what felt like gallons of semen. She couldn’t handle the volume and pulled her mouth away. Semen continued to spurt out in thick ropes of white, landing on her face and chest.
Jane lay on the bed in a post-orgasmic stupor covered in semen as the Jovians dressed and carted the DP-3000 away. She didn’t hear George sneak out of the house after her final orgasm. She was unaware of PROBER’s odd behavior as it moved around her, fixing his gaze on her sperm covered face and breasts, the semen leaking down between her thighs, the red marks on her ivory skin left by the Jovians during their marathon session. And she certainly didn’t suspect that Mr. Spacely was sitting in his office, scheming while he observed her through PROBER’s eyes. Jane lay in a daze, never imagining that her anniversary weekend would end this way.


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Another Jetsons story – Jetson’s Anniversary

Another story sent by Phil and I have to say this guy has a talent! The way he build the story using some of my works is fantastic. I loved the details its so creative! And if you did lik too, Phil have posted more stories at under philsogood69… enjoy!

This story is based on characters and situations created and owned by Hanna-Barbera. No money is being made and no infringement is intended.

Jetson’s Anniversary
George Jetson whistled happily to himself as he flew home in his car. He had managed to get through the week without getting fired. And his boss, Cosmo Spacely, had actually asked George to help him test a new product the company was developing. It was called a Personal Robot Optimized to Be Ever Ready or PROBER for short. This robot was designed to be a personal assistant around the house, programmed with the latest artificial intelligence to anticipate and provide the users with whatever they wanted or needed. The prototype was going to be delivered this evening. George couldn’t wait to see the looks on his family’s faces when they saw this latest technological marvel. The sliding sidewalk carried him into his home.

“Hey everyone, I’m home!” he called out.

No one answered. The apartment was strangely quiet for a Friday evening. No music blaring from Judy’s room, no sounds of video games from Elroy’s, no Astro running up to lick him.

“Hello?” he called out again.

“Hello, big boy,” a throaty voice replied.

George turned and his jaw dropped when he saw Jane standing seductively at the door to their bedroom. She was wearing a sheer long sleeved purple gown that was open down the front, barely covering her nipples and leaving her cleavage bare. The tiniest panties of the same material formed a triangle over her crotch and stockings covered her legs. Pearl necklace and earrings and high heels completed the outfit.

“Hubba, hubba, Jane, you look wonderful. What’s the occasion?”

“Don’t you remember what special day today is, dear?”

George suddenly felt like he was standing at the edge of a cliff and his answer was going to determine his fate tonight. He wracked his brain but the blood filling his manhood made it tent painfully against his pants distracting him. All he wanted to do was jump his beautiful wife. The only thing he could remember was hearing on the radio that today was the anniversary of the first lunar colony.

“The anniversary of…” he lamely began.

“I knew you’d remember our anniversary!” Jane squealed with delight as she ran up and hugged him. “I sent the kids and Astro to my mother’s house for the weekend so we could celebrate. And I can see you’re ready to start celebrating now.”

She squeezed his erection in her tiny hand as she kissed him. George slid his hand under the gown and massaged her soft round breast, pinching her nipple between his thumb and forefinger. He was ecstatic. Normally he forgot their anniversary and Jane would give him the cold shoulder (and no sex) until he crawled back with a very expensive gift in hand and she was ready to forgive him. But now, it was Jane who was kneeling down in front of him, pulling his pants down to his ankles. It was going to be a fantastic weekend of non-stop sex. When Jane was in the mood, she was insatiable. And now she was in the mood! His huge penis sprung forward, veins bulging. His petite wife could only get her fingers halfway around the shaft. She lowered her head and licked the tip of the purplish mushroom head.

“Looks like someone is excited tonight. I think I know just what to do about it.”

George closed his eyes and groaned as her warm wet mouth engulfed the head of his raging erection. As she drew him as much as she could into her mouth and sucked, her hands rubbed up and down his shaft stimulating him further. He held onto the back of her head and thrust forward, pushing himself further into her mouth.

“Slow down, big boy,” she gasped. “We’ve got the whole weekend.”

Jane led George into their bedroom and pushed a button on the wall. A green chair rose up out of the floor with two large dildos attached to two mechanical arms. A small rectangular pad with buttons extended from the side of the chair. They had purchased the DP-3000 several years back to try to spice up their sex life. Initially, Jane wasn’t so sure about it – it looked too sterile and mechanical for her taste. But when they first used it, she loved it. She remembered how George sat on the chair and she straddled his lap and lowered herself onto his erect pole. He then programmed the dildos to enter whatever openings were free. She felt she was in a 4 way with three guys.She had had the most incredible orgasm that night.

Since then, when the house was empty in the morning after George had gone to work and the kids were in school, the DP-3000 became her go to toy. Being the prim and proper housewife, she had never considered sex with anyone but her husband. In fact, she had only had sex with two men in her life – Flash Flotsam and George. They both dated her in college. Flash had looks, an athletic body and tons of money but George’s penis was huge and after sex with George, she didn’t want to do it with anyone else. But after the experience with the DP-3000 she began to fantasize about being the center of attention for two or more men. When she was alone, she would turn out the lights and sit on the DP-3000 and would imagine that two men were thrusting into her, enjoying her body as she enjoyed theirs. The dildos were made out of artificial skin and muscles, heated to body temperature. They looked and felt just like real penises and could be programmed to shoot out any amount of semen. Jane loved having large loads of semen deposited on her as she had her orgasm. Then the slender redhead would take her morning shower and clean up all the evidence.

“Boy oh boy, the DP-3000!” George exclaimed as he quickly shucked his shirt. He sat down on the chair and watched eagerly as his beautiful wife let her gown fall to the ground then turn her back to him. She reached behind to steady his shaft and guide him as she lowered herself onto his rigid pole. He could feel the slippery tight warmth of her vaginal opening stretch over the thick head.

“Oooh,” Jane sighed as she slowly sank down and impaled herself on his rod. “That feels so good.”

“Mmm, hmm,” George agreed as he felt that exquisite feeling when he first entered his wife.

She slowly raised then lowered herself, each time sinking lower and lower. Up and down she slowly rode his shaft, now slick with her juices, moaning quietly. George enjoyed the view of his erection going deeper into his slender wife but finally, impatient with the slow pace, grasped her hips and thrust up hard, burying himself to the hilt.

“Oh!” his wife exclaimed.

George thrust up and down while pushing a couple buttons on the pad next to him. One of the dildos positioned itself in front of Jane’s face but she had her eyes closed as she relished the feeling of her husband inside of her. The dildo moved forward and touched her lips. Her eyes opened and she caressed it in both hands as she sucked on the tip. Again she closed her eyes. George pushed another button on the pad and a holo-video camera came out and hovered in front of them and began to film him thrusting into her as she took more and more of the fake penis into her mouth.

George was always trying to get pictures and videos of Jane naked or them having sex but until recently, Jane had always been very reluctant. Now she would occasionally let him use the camera, but she would have to be in the mood. And from the way she was acting, he knew that this was a good time. When George saw the DP-3000, he knew he was in for a treat. Sex had always been great with Jane, but when they used the DP-3000, she became a different woman – wild and unrestrained. George always enjoyed watching the holo-vids because he could see things from a different point of view – almost like a voyeur. And when he watched them having sex on the DP-3000, his demur wife became a insatiable sex fiend. It was like she was possessed and couldn’t get enough penises inside of her. Watching that really aroused him because it fueled his own fantasies – his secret desire to watch his wife have sex with other men. He knew his modest wife would never do anything like that but he still fantasized about it constantly and using the DP-3000 seemed to partially satisfy his fantasy.

George lifted his petite wife up by her waist until his member was completely free, then moved her forward slightly and lowered her back onto his shaft. Jane knew what he wanted and kept one hand on the artificial penis she was sucking and reached under with her other hand to hold him steady as he slowly entered her anal canal. George loved to take her this way – it was so incredibly tight and he loved to watch his huge rod disappear between her two luscious cheeks. Jane’s moans at the anal invasion were muffled by the prosthetic penis that was pushing in and out of her mouth.

Once he was completely inside, George pushed another button and the other lifelike dildo moved forward and nestled against her vaginal lips and rested just inside the opening. After a moment of hesitation, the dildo slid suddenly forward, spearing her just beneath the neatly trimmed triangle of red hair. The young mother now had penises in every orifice. He pushed another button then grabbed her hips and started to push in and out of her. Simultaneously and in tempo with his thrusts, the fake penises also moved in and out of his beautiful wife. George didn’t know why, but this always triggered something in his usually demur wife. She kept her eyes closed during these sessions and it was like he wasn’t there, like she was in her own world, writhing, feeling, moaning, in response to those three logs of flesh inside of her body. He reached up with one hand and fondled her breast, tweaking her nipple. It grew even more erect under his ministrations. He knew it wasn’t going to take long with this much stimulation to bring her to a climax. This was going to be a great video. Her breathing became more labored as she began moan louder and louder as she approached her orgasm.

Just then, an alarm went off and a computerized voice started to call his name. The alarm and voice came closer and closer and into their room flew the Facer. The Facer was something his diabolical boss had required George to carry with him at all times. Whenever Mr. Spacely wanted him, all he had to do was to activate it and the Facer would home in on him and fly up and hover in front of his face. The camera would then activate allowing Mr. Spacely to see only his face. For privacy reasons, the camera only activated when right in front of the recipient’s face to keep everything else out of view. And now the Facer was right in front of him and a little red light started to blink indicating the camera was on. A very realistic holoprojection of Mr. Spacely’s round bald head was projected right in front of George’s face.

“Jetson!” the floating head screamed. “There’s an emergency at the office and you need to be here now!”

“But, but I need to finish something…” George lamely replied.

“I’ll be kicking your butt into the streets onto the unemployment line if you don’t get here right away!” his boss’s head screamed. “I know it only takes 7 minutes and 37 seconds for you to get here. Thirty-six, thirty-five…”

George’s erection wilted under this verbal assault and slipped out of his wife. Spacely’s angry red face continued to yell at George as he quickly grabbed his clothes and ran for the door. Jane stayed quiet – it felt strange to have her husband’s boss’s head with them in the middle of having sex. She knew that Mr. Spacely couldn’t see her or what they were doing because of the way the Facer was programmed, but there were times that the disconnected head seemed to leer at her.

“There’s a package coming…” George called out as he ran out the door with Mr. Spacely’s head in front of him continuing the countdown, Then the door slid shut and it was quiet.

For a second, Jane didn’t know what to do. Then the shock wore off and she realized how wound up she was. She was just about to have an orgasm when they were interrupted. All that pent up sexual energy needed to be released. She quickly sat on her trusty DP-3000, spread her legs and pushed a button. The two penises obeyed and one went into her mouth while the other reentered her tunnel flowing with her juices while the lights dimmed. In the dark room, Jane imagined two men were ravishing her. She played with her nipples, increasing the stimulation and she could feel the familiar pressure build in her loins as the penis pistoned in and out of her, pressing against her G-spot. She began to moan against the other penis as she could feel the wave of pleasure about to peak. Just then, the DP-3000 made a strange buzzing sound and shorted out. The artificial penises slowly deflated as the smell of burnt insulation filled the room.

“Critical malfunction. Repair request submitted,” a computerized voice stated from the pad.

“No, no, no,” she cried as she tried to thrust against the now flaccid dildos. But it was no use. Jane was now thoroughly frustrated.

She frantically rubbed her clitoris trying to have her orgasm, but she needed something inside. She ripped opened drawers in the closet, bathroom, kitchen, looked inside the pantry, tried to find something, anything that she could put inside but there was nothing she could use as a dildo. She was going crazy – she felt like she was going to explode. Jane ordered up then quickly drank a Martian martini hoping it would calm her down. It didn’t work quickly enough and she drank two more, back to back, hoping to quench the fire that raged inside. Finally, she could feel the alcohol start to take effect.

The doorbell rang. She pulled on her nightgown, walked unsteadily to the door and pushed the button on the monitor. Outside her door, she saw a delivery bot next to a huge box. That must be the package George had mentioned, she thought. She opened the door.

“Special delivery for George Jetson,” the robot stated as it pushed the large box into her living room, then exited.

Jane looked carefully at the box thinking that this must be her anniversary gift from George. What could he have gotten her? She pushed a button on the side of the box and the walls folded away to reveal a hulking broad chested stainless steel robot sitting on the ground with thick arms wrapped around its legs, its head down on its chest, eyes closed. Jane stepped back, startled. This was not what she had expected. She was hoping there was something she could have used as a dildo to help her climax. She picked up the booklet and began to read out loud.

“Personal Robot Optimized to Be Ever Ready or PROBER for short is your new indispensable household personal assistant programmed with the latest artificial intelligence to anticipate and provide you with whatever you want or need. Just push the ON button and the PROBER will use sensors and other data to automatically configure itself to your specific needs.”

Jane looked at the robot and saw a button on the back of its neck. She tentatively reached out and pushed it. A humming noise arose from within the torso and its head lifted, eyes opened. The domed head was topped with an antenna, and its yellow eyes peered intently at her. Its square jaw began to move as it spoke.

“Greetings, I am PROBER,” the robot said in a deep bass voice. “Initializing start up sequence and configuring programming to synchronize with subject.”

The robot stood up on surprisingly narrow thin legs with wheels on the bottom. Copper bands around the shoulders and knees contrasted with the stainless steel plating. PROBER looked down at the petite redhead. Jane felt a bit unnerved by this brawny robot that looked more like a military model for space defense than a personal assistant.

“Subject identified: Jane Jetson, female, age 39, married, two children,” PROBER continued as it clicked and whirred. “Synchronization complete. PROBER is now programmed to assist Jane Jetson.”

PROBER moved closer to Jane.

“Physiologic evaluation indicates elevated heart rate, blood pressure and skin temperature,” it stated. “Blood alcohol level at 0.08 and rising. Pheromone and sex hormone levels critical. Configuring to assist Jane Jetson achieve release to bring levels to normal.”

Jane gasped as she saw a large metallic phallus extend from the lower part of the trunk. She was unsure what to do – part of her ached to have it inside of her so that she could finally have her orgasm, while another part of her was intimidated by the now obviously male robot that was approaching her.

“Jane Jetson should not be concerned,” the robot reassured her. “Epinephrine levels indicate some apprehension but I am programmed to fulfill your needs in a manner that will be completely compatible with you.”

Jane stared up at the strange robot as he rolled to a stop right in front of her. The phallus pressed slightly into her stomach. Surprisingly, the metallic surface was warm. And it vibrated slightly. She couldn’t help herself. She reached out and tentatively touched it, feeling the warm smooth metal. It was the perfect shape and size. She was mesmerized by it and as she ran her hand over it, she barely noticed the robot removing her gown with his clamps. She jumped a bit when she felt his cold metallic clamp gently grasp her waist and turned her around so that she faced away from him. With one clamp on her waist, the other pressed on her upper back making her bend forward.

Jane became more conflicted and confused. It was becoming obvious what was about to happen and though Jane had an overpowering desire to have that metal phallus inside of her to finally give her the release she wanted, it didn’t feel right. Yes, it was a robot, but she felt like she was cheating on George. Probably because the robot almost seemed like a person. She felt the warm metal tip press up between her legs. By now, the alcohol had dulled her inhibitions and her resolve dissolved. After all, she reasoned, it was only a robot and it was supposed to take care of her needs. It was really no different from using the DP-3000. With that, she pressed back toward the robot, moaning as she felt the hard metal rod enter her. Finally, she was getting what she needed.

“Copulation sequence commencing,” PROBER stated.

Jane felt both clamps grab her waist and the robot drove forward sinking its massive steel club into her. It slowly withdrew then plunged forward, again and again, setting a tempo that was synchronized perfectly with her own rhythm. She gasped out sounds of pleasure as PROBER pumped in and out of her. PROBER’s square jaw jutted forward in the semblance of a smile as his yellow eyes took in the view of his metal penis plunging into the dainty housewife.

Cosmo Spacely sat back in his office, cigar in one hand, his huge erection in the other as he stared intently at the video screen. He could see the back of the red headed beauty that had been the focus of his fantasies for so many years. His devious plans had far exceeded his expectations. It had started with the Facer that he gave George. Of course he had the privacy protections disabled so that he could activate the camera whenever he wanted but most of the time he couldn’t see anything because it was in George’s pocket. He had wracked his mind trying to think of a way to spy on Jetson’s wife then he came up with his brilliant plan. He would give Jetson one of those new robot assistants and tap into it’s visual sensors so that he could see everything the robot would see.

Now he watched as the the robot’s metal extension slide in and out of his employee’s wife, hardly believing his good fortune. She was driven to her hands and knees as the robot continued his pistoning action, while escalating moans and sharp gasps escaped her full red lips. Her body began to move more forcefully against the robot. This was worth the years of frustration he had endured keeping the incompetent Jetson on as an employee. The only reason Jetson was still working was because Cosmo constantly fantasized about his wife. Cosmo licked his lips in anticipation of watching her climax.

Jane could not believe she was having sex with a robot. But it felt so good. The robot’s rhythm was perfect. Her eyes snapped open as she felt the metal rod inside of her start to vibrate. It felt AMAZING and she could feel the biggest wave of pleasure building to a peak. This was going to be an orgasm that would put her into orbit. Just then, the doorbell rang. The metal extension was suddenly retracted, leaving her with an aching void as PROBER rolled out of the bedroom.

“Implementing front door initial greeting protocol,” the robot stated as it rolled to a stop in front of the apartment door.

The door slid open and a Jovian man wearing a denim blue jumpsuit and carrying a toolbox stood outside.

“Repair visit,” the Jovian grunted.

Jane was incredibly frustrated as she once again put on her gown, tied the sash around her waist and walked slightly unsteadily into the living room. She was about to crawl out of her skin. Three times, she was so close. The interruptions had put her in a mood and she lashed out at the latest intruder.

“Why are you here bothering me on a Friday night?” she barked at the Jovian who had just entered her apartment.

“Repair call. DP-3000,” he grunted.

This was the first time Jane had seen a Jovian up close. Jovians were from Jupiter and because gravity was two and a half times stronger, they were a very squat and muscular people with dark brown skin. They were very strong but not many of them lived on Earth because they found the air too thin. His bald head jutted out over his small dark eyes which peered down at her, then slowly scanned her from head to toe. Jane suddenly realized that her gown barely hid her body from his gaze.

“Oh, right, right,” she stammered. “Come this way.”

Jane led him into her master bedroom. PROBER followed behind. She could feel the Jovian’s eyes on her.

“Here it is,” she said. “It just stopped working.”

The Jovian put down his tool box and touched one of the dildos. It was still wet from her earlier use. He hooked up a handheld device to the chair and read the error codes.

“No good,” he said gruffly. “No can fix.”

“What? What do you mean?” Jane asked.

“Worn out. Too much used. Recall team come.”

“But what will I do?”

“You need Jovian,” his bass voice stated matter of factly. “Never wear out.”

Jane looked down and saw a huge bulge pushing out from his groin. Her heart started to pound in her chest.

“You see?” he asked.

“No,” she croaked, her throat dry. “I can’t.”

“Can’t see?” he asked as he unzipped his pants and pulled out his huge penis. It was thick, dark and muscular like the rest of his body. “Maybe need closer look.”

He walked up and stood right in front of Jane. She looked down at the log of flesh that jutted out at her, almost touching her chest. It was huge, pulsing, criss-crossed with a network of large veins. Jane knew she should just turn away.

“Still no see? Can feel?” the Jovian said as he placed her hand on his throbbing manhood.

Jane’s mind was in turmoil. She had never touched another man like this since she had married George. She knew she should walk away, but she was fascinated by the size of the Jovian. His penis looked like a small baseball bat with two baseballs at the base. She wasn’t sure if it would even fit inside of her, but she was so aroused she wanted, no needed it. The masculinity of the Jovian was luring her sexually frustrated mind in – his huge muscles, strong jaw line, his scent, his imposing physique, his direct nature, and of course, his supersized erection.

The full effect of the alcohol was also now hitting her, suppressing her modest, proper housewife brain. Obviously, the Jovian was also in a predicament, she thought. There was no way THAT was now going to fit back in his trousers. And it really was her fault he was in this condition now – she hadn’t expected him to respond to the way she was dressed. So since she was responsible, she figured she should help him feel better. And then this would help interplanetary relations and the universe would be a happier place, she finally reasoned as she ran her hand up and down the full length of his throbbing organ.

She lowered her head and took the tip of the monster into her mouth. It barely fit. She sucked as she pumped both hands up and down his shaft. The Jovian ripped her nightgown off and quickly removed his own clothes. He deftly picked up the slender redhead and flipped her around so that she ended up bent over at the waist, hands on the end of the bed. She looked over her shoulder as the Jovian grabbed her hip with one hand and used his other to direct his erection into her dripping tunnel. Jane felt him press against her, stretching her open as he forced his way in. It was uncomfortable at first, almost like the first time she had sex. But she was so aroused and lubricated that she was able to accommodate that log of erect dark flesh. He grabbed her hips in both hands and began to push in and out, going deeper and deeper into the petite suburban mom until with a final shove, buried himself to the hilt. As he began to pump really hard, she relished the feeling of that potent organ inside of her. Jane had never felt so full in her life.

She felt his thick meaty hands slide up her waist and up to grab her breasts. He pinched her nipples roughly as he continued to slam into her. The huge hunk of man-flesh rubbed vigorously against her G-spot with each thrust, sending ripples of pleasure through her body. The electrical shocks from her roughly stimulated nipples jolted her mind even further, overwhelming her senses. As she shook her head side to side, she noticed PROBER quietly observing them. His yellow eyes seemed unusually intent on watching them. She suddenly felt very self-conscious. It’s only a robot she thought. As the robot continued to watch, she found herself enjoying having an audience. Little did she know that the robot was not the only one watching.

Cosmo couldn’t believe his eyes. His employees demure wife was having sex with the kings of adult entertainment. Jovian men were hung like stallions and they were now the main male talent on most XXX videos. He double checked to make sure that he was recording all of the action. This was going to be one amazing video.

Jane was in heaven. She pushed back against her Jovian lover, as he pistoned in and out of her. Wave after wave of sensual sensations built up in her loins, and this combined with the stimulation from her nipples from his heavy handed fondling pushed her sexually frustrated body to the peak. Then the dam finally broke and her body convulsed as she had the biggest, most intense orgasm of her life. She thrashed around, moaning incoherently but the Jovian didn’t stop. He kept hammering her with his meaty log as she felt the pulsations slow in her body. But instead of feeling relief that all that sexual energy had finally been released, the constant pounding was causing her to feel another surge of pleasure building in her body. Soon she felt another orgasm rip through her body. She had never had two orgasms so close together, yet the Jovian showed no signs of slowing. He continued to plunge in and out of her.

Meanwhile, George had finally got the faulty computer working properly. He pressed a button on the panel to let Mr. Spacely know that he was done. A “DO NOT DISTURB” sign flashed up on his screen.

“Oh boy,” he said to himself. “I better get out of here before he finds something else for me to do.”

He hurried home. In less than eight minutes, he would pick up where he left off with his beautiful wife. By the time he got home, he had a huge erection in anticipation. When he entered his apartment, he heard the sound of his wife’s moans coming from their bedroom.

“She must be using the DP-3000,” he thought. He got his camera to secretly videotape her. He snuck up to the bedroom door, turned on the camera and started to film as he peeked around the corner. What he saw in the viewfinder shocked him. His lovely wife was laying on her front on the bed, her fists grabbing the sheets as a huge Jovian was humping her from behind. They were facing away from him, lost in their own lustful world. George stared in disbelief, rooted in place. As he continued to watch, instead of becoming angry, he became aware that he was unbelievably hard and more aroused than he had ever been. His fantasy had become reality. He quietly pulled out his erection and started to masturbate as he continued to film.

Jane had orgasm after orgasm. This was the best sex she had ever had. The Jovian had incredible stamina. But finally the Jovian’s movements became more urgent and he grunted louder with each thrust. She felt him ram harder and harder, and with a roar, he lunged forward, burying himself as deep inside of her as she felt him erupt inside of her. This pushed her to her final intense orgasm as she felt his penis rhythmically spasm as jets of warm semen flooded her. They collapsed on the bed, their fluids mingling and oozing out of her as their hearts slowed. Jane was in a state of bliss, basking in the afterglow of their marathon sex session. She felt the Jovian finally shrinking and slip out of her.

“Jovian fix you,” he grunted as he got up and put his clothes on. “Come back later and fix again.”

Before she could answer, she heard the front door open. Her husband called out, “Honey, I’m home.”

“Don’t say a word about this,” Jane whispered to the repairman as she quickly put on her gown.

“Only if come again,” he replied.

“Ok, ok, that’s fine,” she agreed.

“What’s fine?” George asked as he entered their bedroom.

“Hi George, dear,” his wife answered as she ran her fingers through her hair to straighten it. “This is the repairman for the DP-3000. It malfunctioned after you left and he came to fix it. But he’s going to have to come again.”

“Cum today, cum again,” the Jovian stated.

“Why don’t you come again on Monday morning,” Jane suggested as she led him to the front door. “I’ll be free then.”

After the door closed, George grabbed Jane and pulled her close. He could feel that her gown was soaked from the fluids running down her legs.

“What happened to you?” he asked.

“Oh, well, uh…” she stammered.

“Did the DP-3000 do this to you?”

“Yes, that’s it. After you left, I felt so unfulfilled that I used the DP-3000. But it went crazy and wouldn’t stop and kept squirting and now I’m exhausted, sore with its fluids running out of me. I know you wanted this to be a special night but I’m just so worn out.”

“Poor baby,” he murmured as he held her close. “It’s ok.”

Besides, he wasn’t sure if he could get it up again anyway. He had watched and taped the whole show. Right as they climaxed, he had blasted his load all over the wall right outside their bedroom. He then had snuck out, then pretended to return. He too was drained.

Jane quietly  breathed a sigh of relief. George had no idea what had transpired. Her secret was safe. She had a feeling that the DP-3000 was going to need regular repairs from now on from the Jovian repairman…

“What’s this?” George asked, pointing at PROBER.

“That’s the package you told me about. It’s a personal assistant robot. Isn’t it my anniversary gift?”

“Well… sure it is!” George answered. “Nothing but the best for my girl. Do you like it?”

“It’s bigger than I would have anticipated, and it has a number of interesting features but it really seems to know what I need and how to make me feel better.”

“He makes me feel better too,” Cosmo thought to himself as he watched them talking. There was a lot more to George Jetson and his wife than he had anticipated. The wheels in his diabolical mind began to turn as he began to plan how he was going to use this new information so that he could finally have Jane Jetson for himself…

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A Jetsons story from a fan

I always get feedback from my work and it’s great I really appreciate that! Sometime ago I received a message with an story wrote based on Jetsons characters, and the writer used my works as inspiration… that’s so cool!

So asked him if I could post here and he give me the permission. It’s important make clear that story is based on characters and situations created and owned by Hanna-Barbera and no money is being made and no infringement is intended.

Here the story and the pic it gives the inspiraton for… enjoy!
The Jetsons

George Jetson entered his apartment on the moving sidewalk feeling lower than a Jovian worm. He had just been fired by his boss, Cosmo Spacely and was home early. His job at Spacely Sprockets had been marked by ups and downs, but this time he had really screwed up. Instead of producing stainless steel automatic salt shakers, he had used gold in the production line and now they had a supply of gold salt shakers which cost a fortune with no one to buy them. On top of that, he had forgotten to set the number of holes so that there were no holes for the salt to come out from. So even if someone had been interested in gold salt shakers, they were useless.

He had messed up before, but never this badly. There was no way Mr. Spacely would forgive him this time. He slumped into his chair as the television automatically turned to his favorite channel. Jane, his beautiful red headed wife, walked in, wearing a sleeveless purple dress that stopped above the knees topped with a triangular white collar.

“Hi, honey,” she called out. “You’re home early.”

“Yeah,” he morosely replied.

“What’s wrong?”

“I wasn’t feeling too well, so I decided to come home early,” he lied, unable to tell her the truth. Their finances were a mess, their credit cards charged to the max, living from paycheck to paycheck. George had held onto his job at Spacely Sprockets feeling that he was just on the verge of being promoted to vice-president. He had, in fact, been promoted to that coveted position several times, but there was always some screw up that cost him his promotion and he would end up back where he had started. And at 38, he wasn’t getting any younger and if he now changed jobs, he couldn’t afford to take the pay cut starting with another company.

“Poor baby,” Jane cooed as she hovered over him, feeling his forehead. “You must be working too hard.” She pushed a button and the chair reclined. “Why don’t you take a nap while I go run some errands.”

Jane grabbed her purse and left in the space car. She knew George was lying.

After all, she was a Libra and was very sensitive to the emotional needs of others, especially to her husband and could read him like a book. Jane had a pretty good idea that something major had happened at work and she was going to see what was really going on. Jane knew that George wasn’t the most capable person in the galaxy. In fact, there were many times she was surprised that he had lasted at Spacely Sprockets for so long. Perhaps it was time to see if she could help George out.

Jane walked into Mr. Spacely’s office. His receptionist looked from her desk.

“May I help you?”

“I’m Jane, George Jetson’s wife. I’m here to talk to Mr. Spacely.”

The receptionist pushed a button on her desk and spoke into her headset.

“Mr. Spacely? I have a Jane Jetson who wants to see you.”

Jane waited as the receptionist listened to his reply.

“He’ll see you now.”

Cosmo Spacely, a short balding man with a mustache, looked up as Jane Jetson entered his office. He had always thought Jane was one of the most beautiful and charming women he had ever met, though he could never understand what she saw in her husband. George was one of the most incompetent employees he had ever had, but because of his fear of a lawsuit (the Galactic Stupidity Act forbade an employer for firing someone because of stupidity), he was reluctant to fire him. He just made George’s life so miserable he figured he would quit. But no matter what he did, George never did. The only bright spot was that, once in a while, he got to see Jane about whom he harbored secret fantasies.

“Have a seat,” Cosmo said as he gestured to the front of his desk. A chair popped up from the floor under Jane and she sat. “What can I do for you?”

Looking at George’s squat boss with a definite Napoleon complex, Jane realized that she would have to take control of the situation if George was going to survive in this company. She had always been aware of Mr. Spacely’s interest in her physical attributes. In fact, she could see his eyes lingering on her breasts and her bare legs crossed in front of her. Perhaps it was now time to play her trump card.

“It’s about George. I know he’s had a few set backs.”

“Set backs? Do you know how much his set back today is going to set me back?”

“Perhaps I could do something to make things better.”

Jane slowly uncrossed her legs and recrossed them, allowing her skirt to hike up her thigh watching Mr. Spacely as his eyes were glued to her legs, straining to see up higher. He swallowed heavily as he shifted in his chair.

“What could you possibly do to make things better?”

She stood up and walked behind the desk and stood in front of Mr. Spacely. The front of his pants already broadcast his state of arousal.

“I could help relieve some of your pressure,” she replied as looked pointedly at the bulge in his pants.

Jane leaned forward so that her face was close to his and placed her small hand on his crotch and squeezed, eliciting a groan from Mr. Spacely. She knelt and unzipped his pants, freeing his surprisingly large penis with its mushroom shaped head. Grasping the base of the shaft, she took the bulbous head in her mouth and started to move up and down taking her husband’s boss deeper and deeper into her mouth. She was surprised how easy it was for her to take another man so intimately in her mouth.

Cosmo grabbed the back of her head and pushed down, forcing himself deeper until he felt her lips around the base of his erection. Holding her head, he pumped his engorged organ deep into the mouth of George’s wife, scarcely believing that his private fantasy was coming true. Her warm soft mouth aroused him further as he felt the blood pounding into his groin, making him harder than he could remember. He leaned back and enjoyed the sensual sensations as she sucked his manhood. She was good, very good. George may not have been very bright, but he sure was very lucky. He pushed a button on his desk.

“Ms. Scott? Please make sure I’m not disturbed. Mrs. Jetson is helping me with a very hard issue right now.”

“Yes, Mr. Spacely,” she replied through the speaker.

He pushed another button and a video camera popped out of a wall and quietly began to tape. As the slender redhead continued to bob up and down in his lap, he leaned over and pulled down the top of her dress to expose her pert breasts. He turned so that the camera would have a better angle of the Jane’s body then lay back, enjoying the show now and knowing he would enjoy it again later. A gradual feeling of pleasurable pressure began to build in his groin.

Cosmo pulled out of her mouth and turned her so that she was bent over his desk. After jerking down her panties he moved his chair behind her and stood on it, placing his jutting erection at the same level as her bottom. He flipped up her skirt, lined himself up, then thrust abruptly into her tight wet tunnel, burying himself to the hilt. He relished at the fantastic feeling as he grasped her hips and slowly moved in and out of her hot passage, slick with her arousal.

Jane was surprised at how quickly she had become aroused. She had never thought of Mr. Spacely as an attractive man. In fact, she had considered him an ugly, short, bald, unpleasant man. So she was amazed that even so, that she was enjoying the experience and becoming more and more turned on. The illicit nature of the situation and the possibility of them doing it in a place where they could be easily discovered added to the thrill and made her even more aroused. Her nerves were hypersensitive and as George’s boss plunged into her again and again she could feel the waves of pleasure build quickly.

Cosmo slid his hands forward to cup her hanging breasts, squeezing and pinching her nipples. He delighted in feeling the curved contour of the soft skin of her breasts in his hands as he pounded his rock hard shaft into the slender redhead. The pressure built quickly in his groin with the fantastic feeling of Jane’s tight vaginal walls clamped around his erection. It had been too long since he had really enjoyed such a sensuous treat and all too quickly he felt the pressure come to a head. He grabbed her hips and slammed his throbbing member as deep as he could and felt himself erupt as jet after jet of burning semen shot deep into his target.

Jane felt Mr. Spacely tense and the final thrusts pushed her also over the edge and she too felt waves of pleasure course through her body as she was wracked with the spasms of her orgasm. She felt George’s boss become flaccid and slide out of her as she recovered still sprawled out on his desk. When she opened her eyes, she noticed a gold object on Mr. Spacely’s desk. She picked it up. It was heavy cylinder about nine inches long, obviously made out of real gold.

“What’s this?” she asked.

“That’s your husband’s latest screw up. He had a batch of automatic salt shakers made out of gold instead of steel.”

“Perhaps an exclusive dining store could sell them,” she suggested.

“Not a bad idea except that he forgot to put holes on the top. How’s the salt going to come out? This is going to cost us millions!”

Jane looked at the automatic gold salt shaker. He was right. There were no holes on the mushroom shaped top. She looked at the bottom and pushed the button. The shaker vibrated and moved up and down but nothing came out.

As Mr. Spacely watched the golden shaker thrust back and forth in Jane’s small hand, he found himself getting aroused and it suddenly hit him. The shaker was the size and shape of a large penis. George had accidentally made a golden, vibrating dildo!

“Let me see that,” Cosmo said as he took the moving object from Jane.

Could there be something to this? He had to test it on someone. He looked at Jane, an upper class suburban mom, the perfect candidate.

“Turn around and bend over,” he ordered.

“Ready for more so soon?”

Jane leaned over his desk again as Cosmo pulled up her skirt and pushed the golden dildo into her vagina, still wet with their combined fluids and turned it on. It pushed in and out of her as it vibrated.

“Mmmmm, that feels so good.”

Mr. Spacely turned the shaker on high and it began to pump and throb with great intensity. Very quickly, Jane arched her back and began to thrash about as her orgasm hit. She writhed around as the powerful sensations coursed through her body, centered around the golden rod beating in her vagina.

Cosmo removed the golden shaker now slick with the juices of her latest orgasm and looked at it thoughtfully. Maybe, just maybe George may have stumbled onto something here. Obviously, it was very satisfying to at least one woman as Jane was still sprawled out on the desk, skirt up around her waist, panting as she recovered from her intense orgasm. She looked back at him.

“You’re right. It’s not much of a salt shaker. Like I said, I’ll do whatever you want me to do to make it right.”

“I’m not sure about this. Let me think about it,” he said, toying with her.

“Please, Mr. Spacely. George really needs this job.”

“Well, come back tomorrow and perhaps if you do better than you did today, we could work something out.”

After the door closed behind Jane, Mr. Spacely got on the videophone.

The next morning, Cosmo Spacely sat back in his chair enjoying a cigar. He was feeling very good, very good indeed. He had called Venus Imports, broker for high end adult toys and entertainment and had sold his entire inventory of gold salt shakers for an astronomical sum. In one deal, he had made more money than he had in the previous ten years combined.

And the sensations of George’s pretty wife’s mouth on his penis was the icing on the cake. Jane was on her knees under his new desk, moving her head up and down his shaft. He had a new desk brought into his office with paneling covering the front and sides. No one could see this hot slender lady under his desk unless they were behind him. Cosmo now had the object of his fantasies making his wet dreams come true. In return for giving George back his job, Jane would be at this beck and call to service his every need. Yes, he was feeling very good indeed.

Just then, George walked dejectedly into his boss’ office and stood in front of Mr. Spacely’s desk. Jane froze, mid stroke as she heard the door open.

“You wanted to see me? I’ve almost cleared out my desk,” he said morosely.

“George, I’ve been giving this matter a lot of thought.”

“I know, sir, that I really sent things into the wrong orbit this time, but give me one more chance. You won’t regret it.”

“Well, your wife came in to talk to me.”


“Yes,” he said as he glanced down at George’s wife, her lips around his erection. “And she convinced me to give you another chance.”

“She did?”

“Your wife is very persuasive. In fact, she did such a good job of helping me out with this difficult issue, that I’ve decided to give her a part time job here.”

“Here? Really?”

“Well, you won’t see her much since she’ll be mostly helping me when I have something hard that I want her to work on,” he replied as he pushed Jane’s head down burying his erection in her mouth.

“Wow, that’s great.”

“Yes it is. So, you can unpack your stuff and get back to work.”

Jane had resumed slowly moving up and down his erection.

“Thank you, Mr. Spacely. Thank you so much.”

George noticed that his boss seemed to be preoccupied.

“Sir, is something wrong?”

“I’ve just got a lot of pressure building inside of me.”

“Anything I can do?”

“No, it’s one of those hard issues I have to deal with.”

“Well, maybe Jane can help you with that.”

“You may have something there. Get started on this new contract. I’ll give you the details in a little while.”


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