Preg Tinker Bell

This one I did a couple years ago and now I get the permission to show here. Thanks my friend!

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Rat’s free pic

Second draw prize!

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Jane and Judy

Thanks to Mike to allow me post this pic!


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Tim’s free pic (Goldie Pheasant)

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First Draw winner

The first draw has a winner! Tim will get a drawing from me! Name was select by Random picker from my mail list.

Now lets wait untill next month for the second draw. If you didn’t leave your email to participate, don’t wait anymore and get your chances for next draw!

Thanks to everyone!

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Fred’s commission

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Hey, what you think get a free drawing from me?

I will give just four, one per month. Click here to know how get it!

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Some blog’s upgrades

Due the massive amount the spam, I had to set up comments allowed just for registered users. However I know people just don’t want to register just to make a comment. So Im trying a new plugin and I hope people continue to leaving their commentes, wich is appreciated.

And another feature on blog is the mailing list, on the right column. I expect improve the interactive side of this blog and the idea is send news about my latest draws, future projects, commissioned works and maybe some tips about drawing.

Let’s try!

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Selling originals

Lately I have worked following this steps: I draw a rough sketch on paper, put on scanner and them make the lines on computer. Im improving my skills on this last step, “ink” the sketchs using the computer.

But before that I used ink my draws by hand. I always dis colors on computer but not the inks. So I have lots of black and white originals, mostly made on simple papers (like printer papers). Im wondering if people would like to get those draws… propably Im going to sell them. If you think is a good idea send me a message ( and let me know!

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Cherry from Planet Terror

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